Old Perth Batch Two Blended Scotch

Aroma wise this offers depth and maturity with a good complex mix of dried flowers, cherry stone, honey comb and some light coastal notes. A touch of water releases Brazil Nut toffee, creamy coco and ginger nut buscuits over time it releases some fragrant candied lemon.

A rich flavoured and malty dram revealing banoffe pie, buttery caramel and runny honey balanced elegantly with a mature oakiness. A finish of soft oak and vanilla candy merges with a lingering and warming spice.

A lot of character and balanced perfectly, and Ace dram for under £30.00

Tasting notes by Darren Leitch

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Customer Reviews

  Utter Genius  Not the utterings of a genius, but of an enthusiast. All 'farclasses ('farcli?) are good but the 105 is outstanding. Fruity, spicy nose followed by chocolate-orange (it's not Terry's, it's mine) coated digestive biscuits, almost fizzing on the tongue. Hmm... orange-Space-Dust-chocolate-digestives...   (10/08/2012) Francis (Brown) - Nth Yorkshire

25.99 Including 20% VAT
(Price excluding VAT: 21.66)